Considerations When Buying Triathlon Running Shoes

Triathletes face some unique challenges when running. Not only do you have to deal with the muscle transition from one event to another, but you need to think about getting as fast through the transition as possible. Here are some other factors to consider…

T2 Transition

It’s important to get in and out of the bike to run transition area as fast as possible. We recommend using quick laces or other types of running shoes that don’t require you to tie your shoes. Just kick off the bike shoes, jump into the running shoes, and get going!

Type of Running Shoes

Every runner and triathlete is different and everyone has a different foot structure and profile. It’s important that you get the correct type of running shoe for your foot type. Whether you have flat arches and overpronate or have high arches and supinate, you want your shoes to protect your feet and not cause injury.

Waterproof and Breathable

Your feet may also be wet, so shoes that are breathable and allow water to drain are key. Keeping them as light as possible is another great option.

Trainers vs Flats

You may prefer to race in your normal training shoes. But there is something to be said for wearing a lightweight, racing flat. You’ll feel fleet and fast. But we recommend keeping racing flats limited to half ironman and shorter distances. The full Ironman is too long to wear a racing flat.


If you want to complete your fastest triathlon, you won’t do it without the right pair of running shoes. We hope these ideas have given you food for thought when choosing a pair of running shoes.

5 essential items you must have before a triathlon race

Though triathlon doesn’t need as many gears as other sports, you need to have the essential items before the race. Here are the five essentials you must have.


This is a specially designed garment for a triathlon race. It dries quickly and prevents you from catching a cold. As you will need to get out of the water and run or cycle right after, this trisuit will keep you comfortable. It also has built-in pad down the knee to protect you during cycling. It’s light and so you won’t feel uncomfortable when running. A trisuit is something you must have.


Goggles are necessary for the swimming section. Your goggles must be well-fitted; otherwise, it will affect your performance. You should try out the goggles before buying so that you buy the right size.


You need a helmet for your safety. You should wear it while cycling. It is lightweight and will make you feel comfortable. You should buy something that has a ‘safety-approved’ sticker on it.


You should buy trainers from specialty running stores. These stores can help you pick the right kind of trainers for your feet. You will find both branded and non-branded trainers in stores.

A bike

You should have a bike that is appropriate for the triathlon race. You should make sure that the bike passes the safety inspection. You should check all the parts of the bike before buying.

Getting well trained before the race is important. But having these essential items are also important to give your best performance. If you can run well but you don’t have the right trainers then you may not be able to win the race. So, you should make sure that you have all these essential items with you before the race.

4 tips for winning a triathlon race

The popularity of triathlon is increasing. It’s a great way of exercising and being connected to nature. Several triathlon races are held every year. If you want to win such race, you will need to keep the following tips in mind.

Start practicing early

You should start your training well before the race. Swimming is one of the major hurdles in a triathlon race. So, you will need to spend more time on swimming. You should practice running and cycling as well. But you must be careful that you don’t get injured during the process. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to recover before the race. You should definitely hire a coach or join a triathlon club for getting yourself trained.

Get prepared early

You should prepare for the race early. Buy all the necessary gears well before the match. It can be a disaster to wear brand new shoes on the day of the race; so, don’t make such mistakes. Wearing a new tri-top or tri-suit can give you the same result. So, buy these things ahead and practice wearing them so that you are comfortable on the race day.

Practice waking up early

Triathlon starts early. So, you have to practice getting up early in the morning. You should be comfortable swimming or run at 5 am or 6 am in the morning because that’s when most of the races start. You should go to bed early at night so that you don’t have any trouble getting up early in the morning.

You should touch the finish line

No matter what your chances of winning are, you should always focus on touching the finishing line. You should never leave the race in the middle.

The bottom line of participating in a triathlon race is not to win only. You must enjoy the race as well. So, don’t get stressed. You should relax and have fun competing.


5 reasons why triathlon is a great sport

Sports should be on your ‘to do’ list all the time. It’s something that will keep you fit and will let you have a wonderful time. Swimming, running and cycling, all three will need lots of muscle works. Mixing up these three won’t make you feel bored. You can try each sport on a different day. The goal of all the three sports is same; you will need to touch the finishing line before anyone else. It’s a great sport here are the reasons why.

It’s exciting

You will be taking part in a race, so it’ exciting. You will try three different kinds of sports and so you will never get bored. You will get a sense of achievement after touching the finishing line every time.

Great exercise

Triathlon is a total body workout. So, you won’t need to spend any extra time in the gym. You can get your desired muscles with this sport and you will be burning lots of calories. It not only affects your physical well-being; but also improves your mental health. It makes you stress-free and helps to improve self-esteem. Many people do it for charity and you can join them too. It feels wonderful.

Get social

If you join a triathlon club then you will meet lots of new people. You will get to spend time with them and share your experience. You will be able to learn things to improve your own performance also.

See different places

Triathlon takes you to new places. You will be running or cycling through beautiful roads. You will enjoy the scenery and see new places. It will refresh your mind. When you go to any event, it’s like spending a holiday in a beautiful place.

Appropriate for any age

People of any age can get involved in this sport. It’s easy to learn and no complicated gears are needed. So, you can start right off. You can choose any distance to race according to your age group.

You will find many triathlon clubs around. You should join one of them and start practicing. It’s a great sport to keep your health good and to keep your mind positive all the time.