5 essential items you must have before a triathlon race

Though triathlon doesn’t need as many gears as other sports, you need to have the essential items before the race. Here are the five essentials you must have.


This is a specially designed garment for a triathlon race. It dries quickly and prevents you from catching a cold. As you will need to get out of the water and run or cycle right after, this trisuit will keep you comfortable. It also has built-in pad down the knee to protect you during cycling. It’s light and so you won’t feel uncomfortable when running. A trisuit is something you must have.


Goggles are necessary for the swimming section. Your goggles must be well-fitted; otherwise, it will affect your performance. You should try out the goggles before buying so that you buy the right size.


You need a helmet for your safety. You should wear it while cycling. It is lightweight and will make you feel comfortable. You should buy something that has a ‘safety-approved’ sticker on it.


You should buy trainers from specialty running stores. These stores can help you pick the right kind of trainers for your feet. You will find both branded and non-branded trainers in stores.

A bike

You should have a bike that is appropriate for the triathlon race. You should make sure that the bike passes the safety inspection. You should check all the parts of the bike before buying.

Getting well trained before the race is important. But having these essential items are also important to give your best performance. If you can run well but you don’t have the right trainers then you may not be able to win the race. So, you should make sure that you have all these essential items with you before the race.

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