What we do

Our aim is to encourage everyone to participate in a triathlon. It is not only a good sport but also a great way to live a healthy life. We provide the following facilities in our club.


We have a 25m pool where swimming sessions are held thrice every week. We have a separate session for different age groups. There is a smaller pool for the junior members. We provide cycling and running sessions every day.


We organize club championships every year for various age categories. We participate in inter-club competitions as well. Our top athletes get a chance to take part in regional, national and even international competitions.

Social events

We arrange various social events to encourage the community to stay active.We offer ride-outs, yoga classes, etc. so that everyone in the community can have some fun time. Different events are organized to encourage the children to participate in this sport.

We have a store in our club where you will get different types of sports gears that will help you to practice running, swimming and cycling. We offer discount vouchers to our members. We arrange various events to raise money to keep the club in good shape. We welcome donations as well. This club has helped many athletes achieve their dreams and has kept the community people active.